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There are two different types of coconut fiber: White fibre and Brown fibre.

White Coir Fibre:

White coconut fibre comes from young coconuts; White Coir Fibre that we offer to our clients is also known as yarn fibre, mat fibre or retted fiber and is golden yellow in color. It is used for various applications like making two ply yarn used in manufacturing various coir products such as carpets. White coir also used to make fishing nets due to its strong resilience to salt water. It is manufactured in bales of 30 kg and 100 to 150 kg. These find application in manufacturing of coir products such as mats, mattings, carpets and rope.

Brown Coir Fibre:

Brown coconut fibre comes from more mature specimens. These are obtained from fully ripe brown coconut husks by wet or dry milling. The whole process for obtaining the fibre involves soaking brown coconut husks in fresh water and then combing on a pair of rotating spiked drums. After removing dirt and other rubbish from the coir it is dried and packed into bales. Our superior quality Brown Coir Fibre finds wide application for filling mattresses and upholstery, for manufacturing of needle felt pads used in innerspring mattresses, and in drainage filters with perforated pipes. Brown fibre is used for manufacturing curled coir rope and in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses etc.

Product Name :  Coir fibre/Coconut fibre
Origin :  India
Fibre Length :  5cms - 23cms
Color :  White(Golden yellow), Brown(Golden brown)
Bale Weight :  100-125 Kgs
Bale Dimension :  120 x 75 x 45 cms
Moisture :  <10%(White);¬† <15%(Brown)
Impurities :  <3%(White);¬† <7%(Brown)
Min. order qty :  20 MT
Load ability :  apprx. 20 MT per 40HC container
Note:  All Specifications can be customized as per requirements. All measurements are approximate.
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